What Our Clients Say


“I suffered a torn shoulder and a broken arm during a rugby match. My policy with income paid me while I could not work. I would definitely recommend taking some form of income protection cover out. Thanks to Michael, I have the peace of mind that allows me to continue participating in a sport I enjoy without having to worry about the consequence of receiving an injury that could impact other areas of my life.”

Fiona O'Connor, Wicklow

“Having just started my own business I soon realised the need for income protection. I looked at many websites but decided to go with Michael as he spent some time to understand what I really needed. I would will recommend him and feel they would benefit from ten minutes of his time…”

Tony Kehoe, Dublin

“I researched income protection cover with quite a few companies and got the cover I wanted at the best price available with income”

Sean O'Byrne, Limerick